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Feng Yuhong
Feng Yuhong

Officer-in-Charge and Managing Partner of Guangdong Xintu Law Firm

Bachelor of Economic Law

Master's Degree in Criminal Law

Year of Admission: 2005(PRC)

2180 9788


Ms Feng Yuhong is the Founder, Officer-in-Charge and Managing Partner of Guangdong Xintu Law Firm. She graduated from Jilin University with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Law and a Master's Degree in Criminal Jurisprudence. She began practicing in Shenzhen in 2005 and has been in practice for 18 years. She handles difficult and complicated disputes and non-contentious matters of many state owned enterprises, state owned asset management companies, private enterprises, foreign business investment enterprises and private individual clients. Her performance has been highly appraised by her clients.

Areas of Practice

  • Complex commercial litigation, arbitration and enforcement of judgments and awards
  • Criminal cases
  • Merger and acquisition, investment and financing, commercial negotiation and commercial mediation
  • Foreign-related legal affairs


  • 2011 Acquired Qualification for Securities Practice
  • 2013 Acquired “Level 5 Sign Language Translator” Qualification, becoming the first Lawyer in Shenzhen to have such qualification
  • 2014-Present Serving as “Shenzhen Government Procurement Assessment Expert”
  • 2015 Acquired Qualification to be “Independent Director of Listed Companies”
  • 2016 Acquired Qualification for Fund Practice
  • 2017-Present Promulgating legal education in schools as a “Volunteer Lecturer”
  • 2017 Acquired Certificate of Training for “Mediators of the Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Centre”
  • 2017-Present Member of “Shenzhen Marriage and Family Affairs Legal Service Group”
  • 2017 Served as the Deputy Director of the “10th Women Lawyers' Working Committee of the Shenzhen Law Association"
  • 2018-Present Serving as an Interviewer for Shenzhen Law Association’s Trainee Lawyer Interviews
  • 2018-Present Serving as a Lawyer Mediator for the Shenzhen Law Association at the Lawyer’s Mediation Centre
  • 2019-Present Member of the Executive Committee of the Shenzhen Women Lawyers Voluntary Group
  • 2020-Present “Mediator by Special Invitation” of the Qianhai Court
  • 2020-Present Deputy Director of the 11th Public Legal Services Working Committee of Shenzhen Law Association
  • 2020-Present Member of the 11th Commercial Mediation Legal Professionals Committee of the Shenzhen Law Association
  • 2021-Present Became a member of the "First Batch of Estate Administrator Lawyers" of the Shenzhen Bar Association
  • 2021-Present Arbitrator of the Zhanjiang Arbitration Commission / Zhanjiang International Arbitration Court
  • 2021-Present Arbitrator of Zhaoqing Arbitration Commission
  • 2021 Appeared as a guest on the 20th Issue of the TV Program “Daily La Talk” jointly produced by the Shenzhen Bureau of Justice, the Shenzhen Legal Education Promulgation Office and the Shenzhen News Frequency Pioneer 898
  • 2022 Qualified as an Intermediate M & A Trader
  • 2022 Became a member of Shenzhen Commercial Mediation Association
  • 2022 Became a member of the "Guangdong Foreign Affairs Lawyer Talent Pool" and the "Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Lawyer Talent Pool"
  • 2022-Present Member of the 12th Commercial Mediation Legal Professionals Committee of the Guangdong Law Association
  • 2022-Present Served as Volunteer Lawyer of the First Circuit Court of the Supreme People's Court
  • 2021-Present “Mediator by Special Invitation” of nearly ten Commercial Mediation Institutions in Guangdong, Fujian and other places in China
  • 2011-Present Served as a long-term legal adviser to many public welfare organizations, long-term commitment to social welfare affairs